Free Dreamweaver Web Page Templates and Web Site Templates

Dreamweaver Website & Web Page Templates available for free.

Web Page Templates provide users who are new to the internet web site development world, with an amazing way to learn how to create web pages and web sites. More experienced users can use templates as a starting block for new web sites. You can apply web site templates when you create a document or apply them to an existing document in Dreamweaver. (Although Dreamweaver is one of the best tools for web development, any HTML editor would allow you to edit these web templates)

All the graphics for the free web site templates are included in the "" file. You will have everything you need to instantly create web pages. Just customize the words in your HTML editor, make any graphic element changes, and you're ready to upload the site you just created with your web page template.

The free web page templates on this site were created to be generic, and to fit any industry, but with a little creativity you can customize them to fit your specific company's industry.

These free web site templates were built using a combination of Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Ulead PhotoImpact and Photoshop. You can download a fully functional trial version of Dreamweaver and Fireworks by following the links on this page.

The web site and web page templates may be used for any web site, provided the tagline at the base of the template remains within the template design.

For more help with customizing web site and web page templates using Dreamweaver and Fireworks, click here.

Professional Web Site Templates & Web Page Templates

For those looking for a more professional look, please view our professional web site templates section where web page templates used to cost $6 to $15 each but are now also free.

Thousands of high-end Website Templates and artworks of all kinds are waiting for you here.

Custom web site template designs can also be developed at an estimated cost of $150 per template. For some more options please take a look at our Web design services.

Free Dreamweaver Web Page and Web Site Templates